Best Himalayan Mountain Teas

Best Himalayan Mountain Teas Available in the US

Best Himalayan tea available in USA

A cup of tea is the best to elevate your  mood.. Although tea is not as popular as coffee in the United States, it is the most consumed beverage in the world, after water. Billions of people have taken tea as a part of their daily routine, whether it's for pleasure, comfort, or health benefits.

Among the variety of teas produced all around the world, Himalayan mountain teas from Nepal are gaining rapid popularity as the new “Champagne of tea” , and quickly becoming everyone’s favorite. We are Danfe Tea; the most authentic purveyors and promoters of Himalayan mountain teas from Nepal in the United States, and we can help you get these premium quality, rare and unique  beverages at your home.

What Makes Himalayan Mountain teas from Nepal Special?

Our Teas are grown in The high elevation Tea mountains of Nepal. Where these Teas are grown, they are High mountain tops, usually covered with monsoon clouds rising from the Indian Ocean flying towards the High Himalayas, during the season. This creates a set of micro climates at these altitudes where it's misty, lush and green, shaded from the sun naturally by the constant arrival of these clouds. This kind of uniquely subtle environment creates tea of unique characteristics, Which is mild but packed with flavors so different from other teas..  

General Taste Profile of Himalayan mountain Teas from Nepal:-

  • Lack of  Astringency and Bitterness
  • Smoothest and Viscous texture
  • A creamy mouth feel
  • Sweet undertone

  • Which Plants Are Used For Making Himalayan Tea?

    The tea plants for Himalayan teas are mostly made from Camellia sinensis and Camellia sinensis assamica plants. These two are mainly responsible for most of the tea brews we are accustomed to such as oolong tea, golden tips tea, silver tips white tea, black tea, green tea, and special white tea.

    Top 10 Best Himalayan Mountain Tea in the United States

    There are more than 3,000 varieties of teas in the world but among those, Himalayan mountain teas from Nepal are considered to be the best aroma tea in the world, with great health benefits. Below is the list of the top 10 Himalayan mountain tea you can purchase from Danfe Tea in the United States. Check it out.

    1. Nepal Ilam Black

      Nepal Ilam Black Tea

      Nepal Ilam Black is Robust Black Tea from the Eastern Himalayas of Nepal and it is majorly used in breakfast. Its texture ranges from light to slightly medium as you take a sip of the Nepal Ilam Black tea. It can be served by itself or with milk.           

      Leavesof Nepal Ilam Black tea, unlike its name, comes in a combination of colors from green to avocado-brown. As for its taste and color, Nepal Ilam Black tea gives off a subtle aroma close to roses, malt loaf and chocolate. You will feel a soft lingering sweetness and satisfaction from quenching minerality as you drink it.

    2. Golden Tips 1st Class

      Golden Tips Tea

      Golden tips 1st class tea is the highest  Grade Black tea and  a rare tea that is made from the early-harvested leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. In “Golden tips tea,” “tips” are the young tea leaves or say downy buds that are plucked before they unfurl into leaves. They are then processed into black tea. Golden Tips Black Tea is devoid of astringency, with a soft and velvety texture.

      A great quality Golden tips tea is produced at  high altitude (7000 ft- 7500 feet.). produced in the Mid-eastern Himalayas of Nepal. The downy potent buds appear in the spring after a period of dormancy in the winter during which the tea plants go through a period of stress due to very  cold climate, causing them to be full of flavor and antioxidants when the Buds/ leaves finally appear in the spring.

      Golden tips tea is gold and copper-colored fine-haired young downy buds and when it is steeped, it produces a golden amber hue with an extremely velvety and smooth texture. As you take a sip of it, you will feel a nutty taste close to popcorn and roasted peanuts.

    3. Nepal Oolong Tea

      Nepal Oolong Tea

      Oolong tea is made from the same Camellia Sinensis tea plants which are used to manufacture black and green tea but this tea is processed differently. Bulky leaves of the plant are plucked carefully in late spring and hand-rolled to create an aroma taste in the tea.

      The leaves are then oxidized until their oxidation level reaches between 50-70%. It’s completely up to the manufacturer to play with the oxidation level to create the best taste. Unlike Oolong tea, black teas are fully oxidized, with an oxidation level between 80-100%.

      When steeped, the Oolong tea gives off a golden brandy luminosity with a slightly viscous and syrupy texture. As you drink it, you will feel a juicy taste of lychee and pears in your mouth.

    4. Mt. Pumori Gold Black Tea

      Mt. Pumori Gold Black Tea

      Mt. Pumori Gold Black Tea is widely grown in the high-altitude (6000 ft to 6500) tea gardens of Ilam which is situated in the Eastern Himalayas of Nepal. Downy buds, supple young leaves and robust leaves of Camellia Sinensis tea plants are plucked and mixed to create this unique black tea.

      When steeped, it turns into a slightly dark Caramely Brandy amber hue with a thick syrupy texture. Brewed Mt. Pumori Gold Black Tea smells like vanilla marble cake and when you taste it you will feel a chocolatey flavor.

    5. Silver Tips Special White Tea

      Silver Tips Special White Tea - High Grown in Nepal

      Silver Tips Special White Tea is the highest grade white tea produced at a high altitude of 7000 ft to 7500 feet in the Eastern Himalayas of Nepal. When new buds appear on Camellia Sinensis tea plants, farmers rush to tea gardens to pluck them before they unfurl into leaves.


      Young finest downy buds are early-harvested in spring and immediately dried into White Tea to make this Silver tips tea.Thus, this type of tea is unprocessed, which tends to retain the nutritional compounds of tea in its unaltered form making it full of antioxidants  that prevents many health issues. If you want to drink tea in its purest form this is the tea for you.


      Silver tips white tea smells sweet-sweet forest honey when it’s dry and when steeped, you can see a velvety soft texture and its taste is close to juicy Banana Cantaloupe.

    6. Rose Black Tea

      Rose Black Tea

      Blended with health benefits, Rose Black tea is one of the best Nepali tea that is popular in the United States. Himalayan tea recipe for Rose Black Tea includes Rose flower petals that energize you, no matter its morning or afternoon. The rose petals are mixed with black/ brown tea leaves and an assortment of small beige to make this delicious rose black tea.

      When steeped, the tea gives out an orange caramel liquor with a silk-smooth velvety texture and when you take a sip of it, you can feel the taste of the combination of tea and sweet Roses.

    7. Nepal Ilam Green Tea

      Nepal Ilam Green Tea

      Nepal Ilam Green Tea is a top-notch loose leaf tea from Nepal. It is widely produced in the Tea Mountains of the Eastern Himalayas of Nepal. Nepal Ilam green tea is made from unfurling leaves which gives it an aromatic sweet and juicy taste with a deeper flavor.

      These tea leaves smell like sweet vanilla and buttered asparagus and when steeped, it forms a thick, lightly syrupy texture with a light pickle-juice-green hue. As you take a sip of it, you will feel a slightly dry but lingering sweet aftertaste taste in your mouth.

    8. Nepal Jasmine Green Tea

      Jasmine Green Tea

      Nepal Jasmine Green Tea is a floral blend of Himalayan green tea and jasmine blossoms. This infusion produces a beautiful jasmine aroma with a fragrant and floral flavor. Make it hot or iced, this jasmine green tea is always delicious.

      Nepal jasmine green tea leaves have a sweet fragrance of jasmine with a subtle minty note. When steeped, it gives an amber-brown, wild honey color with a thick and brothy texture and when you taste it you will feel warm honey and sweet jasmine aroma in your mouth. Himalayan Jasmin green tea is considered to be the best tea for nausea.

    9. Nepal Tulsi Herbal

      Tulsi Herbal Tea (Holy Basil)

      Nepal Tulsi tea is a herbal tea widely produced in the Eastern Himalayas of Nepal. It is made from a Himalayan Holy Basil plant which has many health benefits. There is a reason why this plant is called a holy basil plant. Tulsi represents goddess Laxmi who is linked to health, wealth, and prosperity. Tulsi is an ingredient in herbal ayurvedic medicines and it is commonly used as a religious, spiritual, and healing herb in Nepal.

      Nepal Tulsi Herbal Tea consists of both leaves and stalks of the whole plant that gives it a subtly spicy aroma of cinnamon and ginger. As you steep this tea, a pale golden white grape juice hue is produced with a light and smooth texture. And as you take a sip, you will feel an herbaceous tingly juicy taste with a camphor undertone.

    10. Nepal Lemongrass Herbal Tea

      Nepal Lemongrass Herbal Tea

      Nepal Lemongrass tea is Caffeine-free herbal tea from Nepal that smells incredibly fresh whether it’s dry or brewed. It is made of Cymbopogon citratus plant which has many health benefits.

      As for its taste, when you take a sip of this lemongrass herbal tea, you will feel a zesty and refreshing taste of mildly citrusy with a gingery underto. It can be served as hot or Iced tea.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q: What does Himalayan green tea taste like?


    • It lacks in  Astringency and Bitterness
    • It has the Smoothest and mildly Viscous texture
    • It has A creamy mouth feel
    • It tends to have Sweet undertone


    Q: Does Himalayan green tea have caffeine?

    A: Himalayan green tea is rich in natural antioxidants & flavonoids and it has about 50% less amount of Caffeine content as compared to Black tea.


    Q: Is Himalayan Green Tea Good for You?

    A: Himalayan Green Teas are the best detox teas with many antioxidants that help you fight health issues: It helps in weight loss, heart health, balanced blood pressure, and many more.


    Q: What else is Himalayan  green tea good for?

    A: Most of the Himalayan green teas are made from the Camellia sinensis plant that contains high L-theanine which helps reduce stress and promotes rest and relaxation. Himalayan teas are also good for reducing inflammation and improving mental clarity and focus.


    Q: Is Himalayan Green Tea Good for Weight Loss?

    A: Himalaya Green tea consists of numerous health-promoting compounds and drinking it regularly can help you lose weight and reduce your risk of several diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.


    Q: What are the benefits of Himalayan tea?

    A: Studies have confirmed the benefits of Himalayan teas: they may boost your immune system, fight inflammation, prevent heart disease, and even stop cancer cells development.


    Q: Does tea dehydrate you?

    A: Himalayan tea has less caffeine than any ordinary tea so it’s unlikely to dehydrate you. Only if you consume tea more than 500 mg (equivalent to 6–13 cups) may dehydrate you.


    Now you know the best of Himalayan mountain teas, you may now want to purchase one. 

    But can you really buy Himalayan teas from Nepal in the United States?

     Yes, you can. We, Danfe Tea, are the most  Authentic Purveyors of the Himalayan mountain teas from nepal in the United States. All the Himalayan teas mentioned above are available at Danfe Tea. You can easily place your order for your favorite Himalayan tea in the US on our website:

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