organic tea health benefits

Why Choosing Organic Tea to Drink than Other is Beneficial for Your Health

organic tea health benefits

Are you a tea lover and love trying varieties of tea? Well, most people love drinking tea as it can be served hot or iced. Also, it has been the most popular beverage all around the world, only second to water. With large varieties and flavors of tea available, one can enjoy the option to choose from them. Among them, organic tea has been gaining wide popularity in today’s context. Having said that, here we will introduce you to organic tea and its health benefits over other tea varieties.

What is Organic Tea?

organic tea

Before jumping on to the health benefits of organic tea, first let us get an idea on what actually an organic tea is. In a very simple sense, organic tea is the one that is free from chemicals like pesticides or any other chemical fertilizers. These teas are produced using natural processes in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Organic tea farms focus on working in harmony with natural conditions while supporting biodiversity. In addition, Organic tea farming promotes combining tradition, innovation and science that will eventually benefit the environment, biodiversity, ecosystem and quality of life.

Organic VS Non-Organic Tea

When we talk about organic tea, the very first thing that comes into mind is “How is organic tea different from non-organic tea? As mentioned above, the very first difference is the production/farming process. Unlike organic tea, the production of non-organic tea includes the use of pesticides and other chemical fertilizers. 

Non-organic teas are easy to produce and can be harvested in large quantities in a comparatively short period of time. These teas are great in taste and flavor but might lack natural and beneficial properties.

Reasons to Choose Organic Tea

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So, if you still have questions on why you should choose organic tea over non-organic tea, we will help you find the answers.

Let’s get started with the organic tea benefits!

Tastes Better

Anything that is organic definitely tastes better than non-organic ones, be it tea or milk or any other food. The natural flavor that comes from organic food can never be present in non-organic products. Same is the case with organic tea. Also, best organic tea is less flavorful compared to non-organic tea as the taste and flavor are not influenced by inorganic substances used in production. 

Boosts Your Oral Health

Have you ever imagined that organic tea plays a major role in our oral health? Yes, you read it right! Organic tea not only improves your overall health, but also hugely contributes to your oral health. Natural properties available in organic tea helps in controlling dental inflammation and also fights bacteria. Also, it is seen that consumers of the best organic tea are less prone to cavities. This is because natural properties in organic tea helps control bacteria and lowers acidity in saliva.  Prevention of bad breath is another benefit of organic tea. Thus, these are the best tea for your oral health.

Promotes Weight Loss

Organic tea is also seen as a major contributor in keeping your weight in check. But this does not mean that consuming organic tea will result in drastic weight loss. Losing weight is a gradual process that requires a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise as well. Now, how does organic tea promote weight loss? 

Improvement in metabolism, regulation of blood sugar and reduction of belly fat are some of the results of consuming natural tea. These factors are the major contributors in weight loss. Thus, with the regular consumption of organic tea, one can experience gradual weight loss. You can search for widely available best tea for weight loss.

Helps in Type-2 Diabetes

Drinking organic tea is also beneficial for people with Type-2 Diabetes. This is because organic tea contains antioxidants that can decrease chances of heart disease that is elevated in people with diabetes. Similarly, organic tea also improves metabolism, which is very important for Type-2 diabetic people. Also, presence of Polyphenols in organic tea is a major component that helps in regulating body glucose level. This will eventually result in preventing or controlling diabetes.

Improves Your Skin

If you are looking for healthy and glowing skin, then organic tea is your ultimate answer. People who consume organic tea often face positive changes in their skin. This is because of the antibacterial properties of organic tea. These antibacterial properties are seen to be very beneficial in treating acne and clogged pores. Similarly, natural properties in the best organic tea also helps fight skin infections. Also, organic tea is packed with vitamin B2 and vitamin E, which are very vital for your skin care. These vitamins help in hydrating your sin and maintaining skin collagen levels. So, if you want young and clear skin, start drinking organic tea today!

Keeps Your Digestive System Healthy 

Organic tea is a boon to your digestive system. Natural properties in organic tea help improve the body’s digestive process. Say how? Properties in organic tea results in effective breakdown of food and also reduce the chances of gastrointestinal tract infection. It is also seen that regular consumption of organic tea suppresses food allergies.

Promotes a Healthy Environment

Organic tea is proven to be beneficial not only to health but to the environment as well. Since natural tea farming does not involve the use of artificial Substances, it is good for both the environment and soil in which it is cultivated. Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soil ecosystems, biodiversity, and cycles adapted to local conditions rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic tea farming is based on four principles that are Principle of health, the Principle of ecology, Principle of Fairness, and the Principle of Care.

Being aware of these organic tea benefits, you must have been interested in trying it out. However, the preparation of organic tea is different from any other teas, especially milk-based tea. Here, we will also provide you with one of the best recipes for preparing organic tea. 

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Tea in the  United States

Tea is also one of the most popular beverages in the US with people drinking various types of teas for various reasons. From a southern staple Sweet tea to a  sophisticated connoisseur’s rare find, the craze and demand for organic tea in the US is growing as consumers are becoming more aware of the health and environmental benefits of organic tea. Danfe Tea in the US are  Purveyors of Nepal Tea, originating in the Himalayas with a selection of top-notch natural and organic teas. If you are looking for natural and organic tea from the Himalayas of Nepal, do get in touch with Danfe Tea.

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