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What is Danfe?

Danfe is a majestically beautiful species of bird very unique to the Himalayan mountains and happens to be the national bird of Nepal, where we are sourcing our Tea from. They are commonly found soaring up in the Nepalese sky at a range between 8800 ft - to 14700 ft.  

You may not have known 

While Nepal is one of the major producers of premium quality tea varieties, it is relatively unknown in the world of tea, and doesn't get the fame for finest of the teas it produces. Most of Nepalese tea arrive in western shores labeled as top quality tea of Indian origin, such as Darjeeling tea. 

How so?

Due to an immediate proximity of Nepalese Tea Estates in the Eastern region of Nepal with Darjeeling , Indian bulk buyers import it into india at a low price point and either tag it as Darjeeling, or mix it with the Darjeeling, to be exported overseas for premium prices

The Irony

Its an Irony that Tea being one of the major products and exports of Nepal, that has been cultivated since 1863, a culture where tea is an essential part of social life, Nepalese tea is almost unknown to the world.

Therefore Our Mission

Danfe Tea has been established with a commitment to pull out the Nepalese Tea Industry of the anonymity, and bring about a change by introducing to the consumers, the unique flavors of premium quality tea varieties which originate in a uniquely pristine climate of the foothills of mighty high Himalayan mountains of Nepal. 

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In adopting us, not only do you get to taste, in many cases, rarest of Himalayan mountain teas from Nepal, but also contribute in a mission to establish recognition for a struggling Tea Industry that is trying to familiarize its product to a market which appreciates its intrinsic value.

We encourage you to explore the anomalies of taste that results from pristine Himalayan climatic conditions in the tea estates of Nepal.

Danfe Tea

At Danfe Tea, along with top quality tea, we are committed 100% towards creating a Positive shopping experience for each one of our valued customers. It is our mission to deliver highest quality customer service to our loyal tea lovers. Please reach us out at
(214) 335 9139  (9am-5pm CST) or email us at info@danfetea.com for queries or suggestion.

We would love to hear from you.