Who are we

The Mission of Danfe Tea is to bring to the American consumers, the unique flavors of premium quality tea varieties, which originate in the pristine climate of the foothills of the high Himalayan mountains of Nepal. We deeply understand our customer’s passion towards their cup of tea, therefore, we promise to strive endlessly in a journey to discover new tastes and flavors to satisfy their palate.

Today’s consumers are looking for healthy beverage options, and tea has come forward as one of the options. Danfe Tea will cater to this need. Danfe tea will import and brand loose leaf tea that are exclusively of Nepalese origin. It will focus mainly on Premium quality tea varieties cultivated in the foothills below the mighty Himalayan mountains across Nepal. While Nepal is one of the major producers of premium quality tea varieties, it does not get the fame for 
it in the United States and other markets, because they mostly arrive on western shores labeled as tea of Indian origin. Nepalese tea estates sell their products in bulk to buyers from India, which is its immediate neighbor. Then, these products are mixed with very well known tea of Indian origin, such as Darjeeling or Assam tea, to be exported overseas for premium prices. Danfe tea is committed to bring a change in this trend by familiarizing the consumers to notice the 
uniqueness of taste that results from high altitude and pristine himalayan climatic conditions prevalent in the tea estates of Nepal. We believe that these varieties with carve out their own niche