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Danfe' Tea

26° Himalayan Spearmint Tea

26° Himalayan Spearmint Tea

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Spearmint tea is crafted from the leaves of the spearmint plant, also known by its scientific name, Mentha Spicata. This tea is a flavorful mixture that incorporates the distinct and refreshing taste of spearmint.

This assortment of army green Mint herb mixed with ILam black tea gives off a strong minty aroma  when you open the pack. The liquor produced is a  rich resin/amber in color that is thick and brothy in texture. Tasting notes are quite dominated by  the subtle notes of mint  followed by  an almondy note that stays in you palate for  few minutes after consuming the tea.


We believe that tea drinking experience should be completely personal and liberating. There is no right or wrong way to brew tea. Individual taste buds are unique. Therefore we encourage tea lovers to not necessarily bind themselves with our methods but let their experience, contemplation and discovery be personal. After all, that is where the joy of drinking tea lies. We believe that a tea drinker should try different variations of brewing methods, amount of tea, steeping time and water temperature to come to find the perfect taste they fall in love with.