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Danfe' Tea

22° Nepal Jasmine Green Tea

22° Nepal Jasmine Green Tea

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These natural dark forest-green colored  dry tea leaves have absorbed sweet fragrance of jasmine with a subtle minty note. Giving off an amber-brown, wild honey color when steeped, this tea produces a high viscosity, thick and brothy texture, tasting more like warm honey and sweet jasmine. It finishes off in your mouth gently dry causing salivary lubrication. It gives a warm and highly energizing body sensation.


We believe that tea drinking experience should be completely personal and liberating. There is no right or wrong way to brew tea. Individual taste buds are unique. Therefore we encourage tea lovers to not necessarily bind themselves with our methods but let their experience, contemplation and discovery be personal. After all, that is where the joy of drinking tea lies.. We believe that a tea drinker should try different variations of brewing methods, amount of tea, steeping time and water temperature to come to find the perfect taste they fall in love with.