Collection: Nepal Tea Blends & Tisanes

Feel the warmth and charm of the Himalayas with our handpicked collection of Nepal Tea blends and herbal tisanes. Each tea is made from the best ingredients found in Nepal's rich, green fields, bringing you a fresh and flavorful experience in every cup. Try our comforting Yak Mountain Chia Traditional (Chai) or the soothing Nepal Jasmine Green Tea, each crafted for those who love great taste and good health.

Our Tulsi Herbal Tea (Holy Basil) and Cardamom Masala-Ilam Black Tea bring unique flavors that calm and refresh. For lovers of herbal teas, our Nepal Lemongrass Herbal and Himalayan Spearmint Tea are perfect choices. With prices starting at just $15.00, our teas offer both quality and value.

Enjoy the beauty of Nepalese tea traditions with our premium teas. Whether you're a tea lover or trying it for the first time, our collection is designed to make every tea moment special. Browse our selection and find your new favorite tea today!