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8 Reasons for New Tea Lovers to Get Fall in Love with Nepal Tea

Nepal Tea

Are you new to the tea world or are you just beginning your journey in the tea world? Let us warn you, once you fall for it, there is hardly any escape. The beverage is so delightful that tea lovers just can’t imagine completing their day without a sip from the cup of their favorite beverage. So, why do people drink tea with love and passion? Well, tea is the secret of energy for tea lovers as it keeps their minds and body going for the whole day.  

Everybody loves their drink or beverage to be revitalizing, stimulating, energizing, and healthy. If you are looking for a drink that helps you live a healthy life, then there is no alternative to tea. Especially the tea that is grown in a high hilly region is high in minerality which not only awakens your mind and body; but, also protects your health in the best way any beverage could. Nepal tea is grown at high altitudes meeting all the requirements for nutritious and antioxidant full tea. So, if you start your tea journey with Nepali tea, you might be surprised to see yourself turning into a tea enthusiast in no time.  

Reasons to fall in love with Nepal Tea

With unique distinctive tastes and flavors from the Himalayas, Nepal Tea is on its way to making a mark on the tea world. So, why do new tea lovers love tea from Nepal?  Let’s find out. 

1. Tea is an affordable luxury

Affordable luxury product examples include high quality, comforting, and premium products, yet affordable and yes, tea is one of them.

Today, the cost of living is about to touch the sky. Thanks to tea, we can still afford some luxury, at least considering the health benefits the tea has to offer. The teas are available in different varieties with different price ranges with much finest quality tea still available at reasonable prices. 

The refreshment and benefits that tea provides for internal satisfaction make tea an affordable luxury. 

2. Tea is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet

Tea, the second most consumed beverage globally, is one of the healthiest drinks on the planet.  Nepali tea from the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal is full of antioxidants that are beneficial for your overall health.  

It is true that the health benefits differ for different types of tea. But, one thing we assure that every tea has at least something to offer for your health. So, select the tea type based on your health needs and preference to enjoy the healthiest beverage on the planet. 

3. Tea is your daily dose of caffeine’s alternative

Yes, many will think of “coffee” when they hear the word “caffeine”. Let’s note that the caffeine craving may not be the same for all people. So, tea is the best alternative if you are looking for relatively low-level caffeine. 

The many varieties of tea have different levels of caffeine, from high to low. You can always select the option that best suits you. 

The other interesting fact is that caffeine in tea lasts longer in your body than coffee caffeine. Surprised? Well, don’t be. We will make it clear. The antioxidants contained in the tea slow down the speed of caffeine absorption resulting in the retention of caffeine for a longer period of time in your body. So, if you are looking for mental alertness for a longer time, go for tea over coffee. 

4. The never-ending herbal options

Not a fan of caffeine? It’s all right, tea still has great options for you. The varieties of herbal tea such as Nepal lemongrass herbal tea, Tulsi herbal tea (Holy basil), Peppermint tea, and Ginger tea do not contain any caffeine in them, but are still very refreshing and calming.

 Every herbal tea with its own unique taste and flavor offers the option to be selected as desired by your taste buds. The suitability to be consumed at almost all times of the day makes the tea more alluring. 

The non-content of caffeine in herbal tea means you can enjoy the different herbal tea at bedtime too. In fact, herbal tea like Nepal lemongrass herbal tea, and Tulsi herbal tea (Holy basil) tea contribute to quality sleep. 

5. Stressed? Drink Nepal Tea to relieve stress

Mental calmness is one of the big reasons tea lovers get addicted to this sublime beverage. If you are new to the tea world, give it a try when you are stressed, you will definitely feel better. This we can assure you. 

So, how does tea reduce stress?  Well, the reason is that Nepali tea is full of L-theanine, a chemical compound that balances different chemicals like dopamine and serotonin in your brain which helps to relieve stress. 

6. Helps You Stay Hydrated So You Don’t Feel Tired

Tea keeps you hydrated so that your energy level is up for the whole day. Especially, during the hot summer days, it is important that we keep an eye on our fluid intake. 

Both hot tea and iced tea can be used as hydrating drinks. But for obvious reasons, most feel satisfaction with iced tea during hot summer.  

Now, you know how to keep your backup ready if you run out of fluids and energy on a hot day. Just keep this wonderful hydrated drink close to you all the time. Simple, isn’t it? 

7. Tea traditions around the world are beyond interesting

Tea is consumed all over the world from Asia to Europe, Africa, and America. Although tea traditions are different in different corners of the world, one thing is certain, tea gets boundless love in all parts of the world.  

Visit different countries and you will find different tea ceremonies. For instance, in China, people welcome the new groom or bride to their family with tea as the symbol of accepting and recognizing the new member of the family. On the other hand, in Japan, people prepare and drink the drink in a ceremonial way in a traditional tearoom to welcome the guests into the house. 

In Nepal, tea is a part of daily life for many people. There are tea shops on most streets whether it be in rural areas or urban areas as tea is a common friend for gossip. At small functions or big parties, friends get together or family gatherings, tea is a vital part of Nepalese tradition. 

No matter how the tradition differs from place to place, the key purpose is to share love and care. 

8. Use tea as a friend to your food

Some foods just taste brilliant when accompanied by tea. However, it also depends on how you pair the right food with the right type of tea. We have some tips for you to get the best flavor out of your food, enjoy!

     Light biscuits and soft cheese are good when consumed alongside Nepal Oolong tea to add an extra taste to the food.  

         Accompany light pastries, cheesecake, or heavy dishes such as lasagna with Ilam Black tea. The little astringency from the black tea really goes well with cheese cakes and pastries.

 The subtle flavor of green tea makes it suitable to go with fruit salads, seafood, rice, and fresh sandwiches.

List of different types of Nepal Tea

Ready to fall in love with the tea, but not sure where to start? Stay tuned, next, we will explore the different types of tea that are ideal for new beginners taking initial steps in the tea world. All tea types have their own perks that fascinate new tea lovers.

1. Ilam Black Tea

Ilam Black tea is the tea for you to start your day in the morning with a rich, strong, and healthy beverage. This black tea is great to be served in the morning breakfast as it awakens your mind with a lingering sweet taste and subtle rose and malt loaf aroma. You can enjoy the tea with or without milk; both taste great.

2. Tulsi Herbal Tea

Tulsi herb carries a big importance in Asian culture and tradition and is linked with the health and wealth of people. Spiritual herbs are used for producing many ayurvedic medicines; the medical benefits have been now added to your tea in the form of Tulsi herbal tea. With the best Tulsi Herbal Tea (Holy basil), fighting against bacteria and viruses is easy. 

Tulsi herbal tea is also great as a bedtime tea. Let’s note that quality sleep at night is what makes your next day energizing and refreshing. So, if you are not able to complete your sleep, try treating yourself with tulsi herbal tea.  The tulsi herbal tea with herbaceous taste might just be the missing part that is preventing you from having quality sleep.  Start drinking this non-caffeinated tulsi herbal tea before you go to bed; you will love it for its soothing and calming effect on your anxious mind. 

3. Signature High Grown Nepal - High–Quality  - Golden Tips 1st Class

Signature High Grown Nepal - High–Quality - Golden Tips 1st Class is the high grade-black tea. The golden tips tea is produced from hand-picked buds from the tea plant for giving you the utmost health benefit. 

If you are considering going with black tea, but not liking the bitterness of the tea then Golden tips tea is what you are looking for. This golden tea with a velvety and smooth texture with a nutty taste tickles your taste buds to fall in love with it.  

4. Signature High Grown Nepal - Silver Tips Special White Tea

The rare tea, also popular as Silver Needle White Tea, Silver Tips Special White tea is produced with selective buds to process into white tea. Signature High Grown Nepal - Silver Tips Special White Tea is grown at a high altitude of 7000 feet, to 7500 feet; and is full of antioxidants.   

The tea with a sweet forest honey-like smell when dry and the sweet banana cantaloupe taste after preparation is another attraction for the new tea lover.  

5. Nepal Jasmine Green Tea

Green tea itself is a great option for beginners, the addition of the beautiful jasmine aroma and floral flavor makes the Nepal Jasmine Green tea even more captivating. With the extra thick broth texture with the warm honey and sweet jasmine taste, Jasmine tea is not just like any other ordinary green tea, however, you do get all the health benefits the same as other green tea. 

Beginners! How do you prefer your tea iced or hot? Nepal Jasmine Green tea tastes great in both ways.  

6. Exclusive Nepal Oolong Tea

Delicious taste reminding you of the taste of pears and lychee, Exclusive Nepal Oolong tea is great, especially for beginners who are more into fitness. When we say that tea is for people who are into fitness, doesn’t mean that tea is not for others. Oolong tea does offer many health benefits like protecting the heart, lowering diabetes risk, and cognitive support to all people, but the tea is more popular for aiding weight loss. With a boost in the metabolism, studies show that oolong tea increases the calories burned in your body by up to 3.4 %; Nepal Oolong tea is “love” to maintain a healthy and fit body. 

Where can you get above Nepal Teas?

Give a good start to your tea journey with the best teas, and Danfe Tea is where you get the best teas from Nepal.  We are committed to providing the best experience to tea lovers with a brilliantly distinctive taste and flavor from the Himalayas. The Himalayan tea from Nepal is a bait for the new beginners to fall in love and get addicted to wonderful healthy teas.

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