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Himalayas Loose Leaf Tea Sampler - Tea Variety Pack

Himalayas Loose Leaf Tea Sampler - Tea Variety Pack

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Begin your tea journey with Himalayas loose leaf tea sampler pack designed to introduce you to the authentic flavors of Nepal tea. Each pack comes with a QR code, providing detailed insights into each variety included, enhancing your knowledge and appreciation for the rich tea culture of Nepal.

Approx. 50-60 cups in total

What's Included in the Assortment?

01° ILam Black Tea 

From the eastern Himalayas, this robust Nepal Black Tea is perfect for your morning ritual. Enjoy its light to medium texture that swirls delightfully in your mouth, either plain or with a splash of milk.


05° Tulsi Herbal Tea (Holy Basil)

Tulsi, a Himalayan Holy Basil plant, which is a common sight in Nepalese homes, has not been called holy for no reason. Abundance of its mentions in ancient holy and spiritual texts as goddess Laxmi, signifies the importance of this plant in the culture linked to health, wealth and prosperity. Our Tulsi Herbal Tea from Nepal encapsulates this tradition in a soothing, aromatic infusion.



09° Signature High Grown Nepal- High Quality- Golden Tips 1st Class

Experience the luxury of our Golden Tips, a first-class black tea harvested from the loftiest altitudes of Nepal, where the air is as pure as the flavor of our tea. Rich in antioxidants and flavors, this tea is a pinnacle of Nepalese craftsmanship.

This Tea is selectively picked finest downy buds, grown at the highest altitude tea plantation in Nepal (7000 ft- 7500 feet.) processed into Black Tea.

These fine, potent buds appear after a period of dormancy the tea plant goes through in the winter. This causes them to be full of flavors and packed with antioxidants, when processed into Black tea. This Golden Tips Black Tea is the most complex Black tea that is devoid of astringency, with a soft and velvety texture.


22° Nepal Jasmine Green Tea

Our Jasmine Green tea is a floral blend of Nepalese green tea and jasmine blossoms. A full-bodied infusion of this green tea produces a beautiful jasmine aroma with fragrant and floral flavor. Steeps up an amazing tea, both hot & iced!



27° Exclusive Nepal Oolong Tea

Ideal for Oolong aficionados, this tea features bulky leaves, hand-rolled to perfection. Harvested in the mid-eastern Himalayas of Nepal, it offers a unique taste with a balanced oxidation level, showcasing the diversity of Nepal teas.



33° Signature High Grown Nepal- Silver Tips Special White Tea

Known as the Champagne of Tea, our Silver Tips Special White Tea is crafted from the finest buds, handpicked from the highest reaches of Nepalese tea plantations. Its minimal processing ensures a pure, antioxidant-rich infusion that is as prestigious as it is delightful.


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