Tea for Every Mood: Pairing Danfe Tea with Different Emotional States

Tea for Every Mood: Pairing Danfe Tea with Different Emotional States

Tea for Every Mood


Nothing is certain in life except its uncertainty. Things do change over time, although you wish them to stay constant. Today you may be feeling at the top of the world and the next day, you may feel everything going out of your hand. That is why they call life an emotional rollercoaster. No matter what the situation is, it becomes vital to keep yourself motivated and calm. After all, your mood determines the way you deal with challenges and shape your life. 

Fortunately, there are ways to uplift our mood in every situation for balancing our mental and emotional well-being; and drinking tea comes as the simplest way. Yes, you read it right. Whether you are feeling anxious, stressed, angry, or depressed, there certainly is tea for every mood.  Isn’t this great? Of course, it is. So, whenever you feel low, you can always get help from tea for emotional healing to get going with life.  

While most Danfe teas offer overall mood-enhancing perks, some teas may be better than others depending on your mood or emotional state you are in. In this blog, we will explore the best Danfe teas to pair with different emotional states to brighten your mood. To start, let’s delve into the emotional benefits of drinking tea before jumping to the perfect tea for every mood for clear insights.  

Understanding the Emotional Benefits of Tea Drinking 

Drinking tea to reinvigorate is not a modern trend. For centuries, people have adopted tea in their daily routine for its soothing effects. The reason behind the excellent calming effect of drinking tea lies in its chemical composition loaded with fruitful minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants. Those compounds help to sway psychopathological symptoms to offer emotional benefits. Here is how.  

The Relaxing and Stress-Relieving Properties of Tea for emotional wellbeing 

If you have been into tea for quite some time, you may be already aware of caffeine being one the most active ingredients in the beverage. The stimulant is what provides you with a kick for mental alertness while increasing focus and concentration. While doing so, it also restrains the receptors in the brain that are responsible for prolonging the impact of the stress. Therefore, providing you with stress relief, tea promotes mental wellness.  

Moreover, the psychoactive substance in the tea also aids in increasing the release of dopamine in your nervous system. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that influences pleasure and happiness and makes you feel good. This is the reason you feel relaxed and stress-free after consuming tea.  

The Mood-Enhancing Benefits of Tea for emotional wellbeing 

After caffeine, L-theanine is another key ingredient in the tea for mood uplifting. L-theanine amino acid not only aids in reducing stress; but also promotes relaxation and calmness when you feel low. To do this, the compound influences certain chemicals in the brain including dopamine and serotonin which improves mood and emotion. 

Additionally, Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) flavonoid in tea modulates brain activity to contribute to a calm and relaxing mind. On top of that, they also aid in protecting against progressive brain diseases by improving brain cell functions.   

Danfetea’s Collection of Teas for Every Mood 

Every tea is unique, and so are the psychological medical perks offered by them. Thanks to its wide varieties, it provides you with options for tea for every mood.  

As you are not in the same mood every time, it becomes important to select the right tea depending on the mental state you are in. So, to ensure you go for the best tea to meet your psychological needs, we have compiled the perfect tea for every mood. Let’s check it out.    

Ilam Black Tea as Energizing Tea for Morning Boost 

We all have been there, not willing to get out of bed, feeling lazy and tired at times. If you are also dealing with such a situation, then black tea may be what is missing from your morning routine.  

Did you know, black tea tops the list for the highest caffeine content in tea? Caffeine is a stimulant that is widely praised for boosting mental alertness and energy. And, this is what makes black tea an ideal option to wake up your sleepy mind in the early morning.  

Ilam Black tea is also rich in L-theanine which not only boosts our energy but also balances the effects of caffeine to avoid jitters. 

To add to its perks, black tea comes with an option to be enjoyed with or without sugar or milk. No matter how you consume, it all results in the best tea for moods uplifting in the early morning. 

Tulsi Herbal teas as Calming Teas for Relaxation and Stress Relief 

We all have to go through bad times, whether it is because of our personal life or professional life. In such situations, it becomes more than important to calm our mind for relaxation as excessive stress will only make it worse. So, if you ever feel that stress is getting better out of you, then you may want to grab a Tulsi Herbal tea to overcome the situation. This is because Tulsi herbal tea is made of holy basil, a powerful adaptogenic herb that people have been effectively using for centuries for its energizing and calming properties.  

The key reason for Tulsi herbal tea to be categorized as one of the best stress relief teas is its antidepressant properties, thanks to the broad flavonoids which aid in the release of the neurotransmitters that can reduce anxiety and stress to achieve calmness and relaxation. Therefore, with tulsi herbal tea, you can handle stressful situations better by remodeling the way your body responds physiologically to stress.  

Nepal Lemongrass Herbal tea as Uplifting Teas for a Positive Mood 

Once and then we get sad as we do not have full control over the external factors that affect our emotions. However, it all depends on you how you overcome that emotional effect and Nepal Lemongrass herbal tea might just be as helpful. 

Just so you know, lemongrass essential oil is widely used for aromatherapy to reduce or eliminate stress and depression. A similar mood-enhancing property is also found in lemongrass herbal tea. To serve as a mood enhancer, the lemongrass herbal tea clears the toxins in your body that may be due to stress and keeps drowsiness at idiom which contributes to uplifting a positive mood.  

Nepal Ilam Green tea as Soothing Tea for Comfort and Sleep 

Nothing feels the best than sound sleep at night after a long day and Nepal Ilam Green tea helps you with that. 

Among all the teas, green tea has the most theanine, the amino acid that heightens neurotransmitters such as dopamine, serotonin, and GABA. All those brain chemicals boost relaxation and aid in sound sleep. However, if you are looking for this tea for emotional healing and stress relief before making your way to bed, you may want to do it several hours prior to your sleeping time to avoid the caffeine effect. Do not worry, you will still be able to grasp all the sleep benefits.  

Cardamom Masala tea as Calming tea to settle Anger 

Do you belong to those who are easily frustrated as anger takes the better of you most often? If so, then every step to get rid of being “hot-headed” is crucial as it not only impacts your physical and emotional health, but may also hamper your relationship with loved ones. To calm down during such an unhealthy mental state, you can get help from Cardamom Masala Tea.  

Cardamom herbs help let go of the intense feeling of frustration and promote positivity by releasing feel-good hormones like serotonin. Thus, Cardamom Masala tea helps to regain control over your senses when you are emotionally overwhelmed. With such a wonderful property, cardamom masala tea can be your best friend for happy relationships with the people in your surroundings.  

The Art of Choosing the Right Tea for your Mood 

So, with the psychoactive ingredients in the tea, you can just turn a low day into a joyous one. However, it is crucial that you select the perfect tea for every mood to effectively deal with the particular situation you are going through. Here, we have some useful steps for you to help you to make the right decisions on the tea for mood uplifting. Check it out.  

Step 1: Firstly, do not panic, no matter the situation. It helps to prevent the situation from getting worse. 

Step 2: Many may confuse being stressed with sadness, feeling low, or even anger. To identify the right tea, identify the exact mood you are in. 

Step 3: Once you are aware of your mood, select the best teas to match the mood with the clue we discussed above for the best teas for every mood. 

Step 4: Prepare and enjoy the tea in a calming environment to uplift your mood.  


So, if you go with the right tea for every mood, you will definitely find life to be less challenging, strenuous, or stressful. This not only helps you to achieve physical and mental well-being, but also helps to turn your day around from feeling low to cheerful. To help you live a prosperous life while overcoming low feelings, anxiety, and stress, Danfe tea brings you a range of happy teas. Visit Danfe tea to check out the catalog with exceptional mood-enhancing teas from the high Himalayan region of Nepal.  


What is the perfect tea for any mood? 

Though most tea enhances the mood in some way, the perfect tea for your mood depends on your current emotional state. For instance, Cardamom Masala tea is the perfect tea to overcome anger whereas tulsi herbal tea may help better when you are required to fight stress and anxiety. 

Is there tea that makes you happy? 

Yes, Cardamom Masala tea makes you happy. The prime ingredient in Cardamom masala tea is cardamom which holds the aromatic power to elevate serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. This helps you to prevent depression and helps eliminate stress and anxiety. This property helps you with a sense of positivity to delight you.  

Which tea is the most calming? 

Tulsi herbal tea is one of the most calming teas among the broad tea variety. The tea with its antidepressant property helps the release of the neurotransmitters that have the ability to reduce anxiety and stress to achieve calmness and relaxation. 

What are the best teas to drink on a daily basis? 

Green teas, black tea, and herbal teas are the best teas to drink daily. When consumed on a moderate level, those teas help improve your physical as well as mental well-being.  

Does tea help your mood? 

Yes, tea does help to enhance your mood, thanks to its caffeine, theanine, and catechin content. The compounds help you feel calmer and improve alertness, cognition, and mood. 

What kind of tea gives you energy? <H3

Black tea is a well-known energy-boosting tea. The high caffeine content in black tea helps with mental alertness and boosts your energy. Additionally, the abundant L-theanine compound binds with caffeine to ensure your energy from the tea lasts longer.

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