Best teas to drink

What are the best teas to drink at what times?

best teas to drink

What is your tea time? Unsurprisingly, the answer varies from person to person as this wonderful beverage can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

No matter what time it is, as a tea lover, you will look for a sip from the cup of tea whenever you need energy or refreshment. The tea not only alerts your mind; but also provides you with many health benefits. 

With so many varieties the tea has to offer, every tea has its unique tastes and benefits. As every tea has unique properties, it might work differently at different times of the day. You may find one type of tea making your morning more refreshing while another is more helpful for relaxing before sleep in the nighttime. Likewise, you may find one tea functions surprisingly well after lunch while another is more effective for setting your mood in the afternoon. 

Considering the benefits the tea offers at different times of the day, we have categorized the best teas for the different times of the day.

Best Teas for different times of Day

What makes tea a wonderful beverage is that they are available with different perks for a different tea. There are many options for you to choose as the best teas to drink throughout the day. 

So, what is the best tea to drink all day? Let's find out.  

In the morning

This is the most preferred time for many people when we talk about enjoying tea. Relaxing in the garden, reading the newspaper, and enjoying a sip of tea from the cup is a perfect world scenario in the early morning. 

After a long night's sleep, your body dehydrates and one of the best ways to hydrate your body in the early morning is to grab a cup of Black tea. As black tea also helps in regulating blood circulation in the morning, it makes the tea a healthy choice for early morning. You can enjoy black tea with or without milk as you prefer to bring variety to the taste. Moreover, there is always an option to add or avoid sugar to meet your health needs. 

Ever wondered, how to get rid of laziness and tiredness after you wake up? If yes, then try starting your day with Ilam Black tea which is a perfect breakfast tea for morning energy. This tea contains high caffeine helping you to alert your mind and kick away laziness. .


We hear many complaints regarding health issues after drinking tea with a half-empty stomach in the morning. The high caffeine content in the tea is to blame for this. Thank god, white tea is there to rescue us. The lower caffeine content in white tea makes it the best suitable tea after a light breakfast in the morning. Even if your stomach is fully empty, white tea does not have much negative effect on your stomach. 

White tea is the best tea especially in hot temperatures as its cooling effect helps to calm your body and mind.

After Lunch

It is obvious, that the tea that helps in the digestion of food is the best tea to consume after lunch. And, when it comes to digestion benefits Tulsi Herbal Tea or LemonGrass Herbal tea are the best.

It is a known fact that these teas are very helpful in relieving digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating, and indigestion. 

Quick Reminder: Tulsi Herbal tea and  Lemongrass teas  are naturally caffeine-free tea. So, you can enjoy this tea as much as you like. 


Imagine, it's 3 PM and you are feeling sleepy and tired, what would you do to feel right? You will probably crave tea. We recommend going for green tea to boost your energy in this sluggish time. 

Green tea also helps your body to stay calm and cool. That makes the tea most suitable for the afternoon time as the internal body temperature is highest at this time of the day. 

Working in the afternoon?  Grab a green tea to sharpen your mind and enjoy being productive in your work. 

So, green tea improves your health as well as your work performance. Isn’t it cool?  

Quick Reminder: The chemical compositions in green tea can interact with different medicines. So if you're under medications, check with your doctor before choosing to drink green tea alongside your medicine to avoid unwanted effects. 

In the Evening

After a long hard day, you will surely like to relax your body and brain. Fruit tea is a wonderful option to eliminate your daily stress. Tasty fruit teas not only impress your taste buds but are beneficial for your health too. Fruit tea contains an adequate amount of antioxidants that protect you from some serious health issues like strokes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and many others. 

Fruit tea is available for you to enjoy both hot as well as cold. So, whether it is hot in the evening or cold in the evening, fruit tea is just right there to have a lovely evening.  

Quick Reminder: Fruit teas are totally caffeine-free, a great option for people who are not fans of caffeine. 

Before bed

Drinking black tea, green tea or white tea is never a good idea before bed as the caffeine content in it can last in your body for several hours making it difficult for you to find sound sleep. Instead, go for chamomile tea, the most preferred bedtime tea containing apigenin (proven antioxidants to reduce insomnia) to enjoy quality sleep 

People drinking chamomile tea before bed experience more relaxed sleep and wake up with a fully refreshed brain. 

Quick Reminder: The different study has shown that chamomile products contain botulism spores. Unlike adults, infants and children may not be able to fight against its infection. For this reason, chamomile tea is not suitable for young children and infants. 

All right, now we know the best tea to drink throughout the day. Let's note that different teas work differently for different health conditions. For instance, matcha tea is very beneficial for getting rid of anxiety and stress, but they are not highly recommended during pregnancy times. We have identified some of the best teas for you for some common health conditions. Read on to find out more. 


Best Teas for Anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress are common mental health issues in today’s busy world. Do you know a cup of tea can help you to relieve anxiety and stress? So, whenever you are anxious or stressed, try a cup of tea, it will surely help to calm your mind. 

Tea contains L-theanine, which increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain resulting in a calm mind. Some teas work well than others when it comes to balancing your mood. There are many favorable teas for anxiety, so it can be difficult to select the best tea for you. We have created a list of the best teas for anxiety to make it easy for you.

Mint teas

Peppermint is known as a natural sedative useful for relaxing the brain nerves and working as a stress reliever. Moreover, drinking mint tea when you are feeling anxious boosts your energy level while maintaining the brain's calmness. 

Chamomile teas

Chamomile teas contain apigenin, antioxidants that are believed to be beneficial for fighting anxiety. PubMed Central reports that people with general anxiety disorder can gain benefit from this tea especially when they are used for the long term. 

Lavender teas

Lavender tea has shown promising improvement in people going through depression and anxiety. A PubMed study in 2010 reported that the sedative effects of lavender have similar effectiveness as lorazepam (medication for anxiety) for adults with General Anxiety Disorder. Also, the elderly can benefit from Lavender teas to improve their moods. 

Moreover, the risks and side effects of lavender teas are lesser than several anti-anxiety medications, so lavender tea is highly recommended. 

Tulsi Herbal (Holy-Basil) Tea

 Known as a queen herb in the ancient Ayurvedic tradition of medicine in Nepal, this magic plant finds its place in numerous herbal remedies in Ayurveda as one of the key ingredients. It is a great tea for mental and physical stress

It also helps a body with physical stress by normalizing blood glucose levels, and lowering blood pressure and lipid levels, while relieving mental stress and anxiety by boosting memory, cognitive functions, and antidepressant properties. 

Rose teas

Rose oil is found to be very effective for psychological well-being and rose petals included in the rose tea blends contribute to managing stress levels and improving the quality of sleep. So, rose tea is a great beverage for psychological well-being. The tea is especially good in the nighttime as the natural sedative content helps to balance sleep hormones in the brain. 


Matcha tea contains high levels of theanine and epigallocatechin gallate, for which the tea is believed to have the best stress-relieving properties. The high amino acid content in matcha tea improves the neurotransmitter function in our brain, balancing anxiety levels. 


Best Teas to Fight Cold

People often go for a warm cup of tea, when they are suffering from a cold and usually express the feeling of improvement in their health after consuming the beverage. The reason is the abundant quantities of beneficial ingredients in the tea. The hot liquid in the tea releases congestion and clears your throat whereas the antioxidants boost your immune system to fight off the cold.  

So, with so many varieties of tea, which is the best tea for the cold? Let’s explore to ease the cold symptoms. 


The report by the United States Department of Agriculture in 2011 suggests that antiviral and antimicrobial activities are adequately present in peppermint. This might help to fight the bacteria or viruses that are making you sick. Additionally, menthol in peppermint is useful in reducing cough symptoms from the cold.

Ginger tea

Sore throat, the most common symptom of a cold is irritating and painful. It can be managed with ginger tea.  Biotic compounds in ginger tea do the magic to relieve pain and clear your throat. The antioxidative and antioxidant properties of ginger tea are as effective as antibiotics to battle bacteria.


Hibiscus tea is full of vitamin C and we all know how important vitamin C is for a strong immune system. The combination of antioxidants and vitamin C in hibiscus tea helps to recover from cold in a very quick time. So, it surely is a good tea for the cold. 

Best Teas to Drink during Pregnancy

Drinking tea is safe during pregnancy, however, high care and precaution are required. High caffeine is not good for yourself as well as the baby inside you, so limiting the intake of high-caffeinated beverages is always a good idea during pregnancy days. If you are a tea lover, then consulting with the doctor is always helpful to decide on your favorite teas. 

Not all types of teas are fully bad for your pregnancy days. In fact, some teas are more beneficial during this period if consumed at a moderate level. So, what is the best tea for pregnant women? We will find out next. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has been identified as effective for treating nausea and managing the symptoms of morning sickness. So, this tea can provide some relief for pregnant women, but drink it in moderation.  

Lemon Balm Tea

During pregnancy, the woman goes through high anxiety and stress levels. Lemon Balm tea is an ideal tea for pregnant women as it is very helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.  

Peppermint Tea

Upset stomach and heartburn are common concerns for pregnant women. Peppermint tea helps to ease the stomach cramp and relieve gas.   


No matter which time you prefer to enjoy your tea, Danfe tea offers the finest quality teas that are suitable for different times of the day. 

Danfe tea brings to you  tea from Nepal that are cultivated in higher altitudes, which means slow-growing time facilitates the tea to get all the time for developing healthy essential oil in the leaves. So, Himalayan tea is not only full of flavor and aroma; but also healthier. 

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